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Capture Cams is the most popular service for cameras "DLSR on rent in Hyderabad". We have different qualities of cameras, lens, accessories for different purposes like Filmmaking cameras and DSLR Cameras with lens, Lighting, Motion and Sound Equipment. 


Our Camera Rental Company deal with all kinds of Photography, Cinematic Videography, and Media works like Animation, VFX, Video Editing, and Logos & Poster Designing Services.

We deal with all kinds of photography equipment like cameras, stand, lenses of various brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon, Carl Zeiss, Sigma, Samyang, Sigma etc for rent near you in Hyderabad at affordable prices. 

The varieties of cameras available with us are as Sony A7R IV, A7R III, A9, A7S II, A7III, Canon 5D Mark III & IV, 6D Mark II, 1DX Mark II, Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS II & IS III, 85mm F/1.4 & F/1.2, 50mm F/1.2 100-400mm F/4 and Sony Gmaster Lenses like 16-35mm F/2.8, 70-200mm F/2.8, 85mm F/1.4, 24-70mm F/2.8, 90mm F/2.8 Macro, 24-105mm F/4 and many more.

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"Dslr on rent in Hyderabad"
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"Dslr camera for rent in Hyderabad"
"Rent dslr in Hyderabad"
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"DSLR camera on rent in Hyderabad"

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Why Choose Us to Rent DSLR in Hyderabad

If you are looking for DSLR camera for rent near me in Hyderabad, we have all the best quality cameras which are worth paying. We provide cameras for Rent in Hyderabad for different purposes like normal photography, pre/post wedding shoot, and for any kind of party. People who are fond of photography can show off their talent with the help of our best quality products. Stop your search now as there are many reasons to choose our camera rental service and provide us the opportunity to serve you:

  • We make our rental equipment more enjoyable and affordable for every customer. 

  • We focus on saving time & money of our customer. For our regular customers, we have different discount offers too. We make sure to make customers feel comfortable in using our equipment. If any customer is new & doesn’t know the proper use of camera then we also provide guidance to those customers.

  • We are available 24 hours for providing services to our customers.

  • We have quality maintenance, prices are worth.

  • Camera lovers can find us the right one to provide them all the facilities needed. They can try new camera body, new lens, new accessories.

  • We have the latest technology product & services. 

  • We build a good customer relationship.

  • We are ready to listen to you, help you, guide you.

  • Best packages provided in the market.


Our Services

We provide best services in the category of DSLR Rental Near you.
Our services provided by our camera rentals company are:

Camera rentals in Hyderabad

Our foremost service is DSLR on rent. We have all the equipment needed for photography using DSLR cameras.


You will get lenses, stand and other equipment at affordable prices. Other than this, we also provide professional photographers who can click your best moments on any occasion like weddings, parties, fests and Wedding photographers near you in Hyderabad, etc.

Dslr camera for rent in Hyderabad

Another service we offer is Videography cameras for rental. We provide cameras for filming events like wedding ceremonies, sports events or college festivals and many more events.


We have professional video shooters with us whom you can hire for the best video shooting during any event whether it is a professional event or any casual event.

Rent dslr in Hyderabad

We have different kinds of DSLR cameras which you can get on rent. There are multiple choices in the brands of cameras which you can rent according to your need.


Brands that we offer in cameras are Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. All the cameras are always in good condition and hence always satisfy the clients with their amazing performance. 

If you want to learn photography skills using different lenses then the best option for this is to rent the various lenses from us and start learning photography skills at affordable prices.


We give you the chance to use your favorite brand’s lense and work with it. We are the best lens rental company in Hyderabad offering multiple brands lens.

We have different kinds of equipment which are used for film making, video making, equipment for lighting & motion on rent. For e.g. mono pods, gimbals, strobes, etc.


These types of equipment can be used by the community of artists & filmmakers. If you are a photography enthusiast and want to learn about the use of equipment used for photography.


Then you are at the correct place and can easily rent various equipment from us at a reasonable price. By renting the equipment you can learn the necessary photography skills easily.

Dslr for rent in Hyderabad

We facilitate professional cameras and equipment on rent.


It includes all top brands cameras like Sony A9, A7R III, Canon 1Dx Mark II, 5D M III & IV, Sony Z150 & Z190, FS7 M II, CP2, CP3 & Art Lenses, Gmaster Lenses and many more.


All these known brands can easily be rented by us and can be used comfortably. We even help those clients who feel difficulty at any point in time of using any particular camera or its equipment.

Logo Designing

We are also involved in designing logos & posters, Photoshop, Brochure designing, Web designing, etc.


We have the team of expert who knows how to design logos, posters according to the needs of the clients. They possess the best ideas in order to design the logos which always satisfy the clients.


If you need any logo or poster to be designed for any purpose, then you can hire our experts for the best designs.

Post Processing

We provide other services with camera rentals like video editing, designing albums, VFX works, Color Grading, Animation works, etc.


If you wish to have any of these services then you can easily book us and can get the best work done by our team of experts. You will always get the best work done by us.

We also have the facility of advance booking. Try to book the camera of your choice in advance as it will be easy for you to get your favorite one at the time you need it.


As and when you feel like you will be needing a camera or any equipment, you can easily book the best one and can take it home easily.  

Make up & Hair Styling

We have team of Professional Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists with us for both male and females

So if you are looking for any kind of Makeup and Hair cut

services for any events like weddings, fashion shoots, indoor and outdoor shoots, then you can contact us. We provide better and affordable prices with best customer service and satisfaction.

DSLR rent near me | DSLR Photographers near me

Our Products

We provide a complete pack of DSLR which includes the body as well as the lens also. If anyone wishes to rent a complete DSLR camera for any occasion then it's the best place to rent the combo of your favorite brand. 


There are various combinations available with us that always satisfy the clients with their amazing performance so book the best combination of DSLR body and lens and take it home.



If anyone has a lens with them and needs to have the DSLR body can rent it from us and can capture each and every moment with the best combination of lens and DSLR body.


We offer bodies of DSLR of the various brands so that they can give the best performance every time. 


Take the best-suited DSLR body with your lens and enjoy the combination. 



We have a number of lenses available with us of various brands. If anyone has the body of a DSLR with them and needs to have a different lens every time then they can easily rent the kind of lens they need at a particular time.


By making the perfect combination of DSLR body and lens, one can enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Get in contact with Capture Cams to make the best possible combination of body and lens of the camera. 


We have the best ever collection of equipment which is used for different purposes like photos, videos, etc.


If you have all other products and only the lack of equipment is there, then you can visit Capture Cams as we have the best collection of various equipments used for photography or videography purposes. 


Take the suitable equipment to home and enjoy the time at a very reasonable amount. 

At our Camera Rentals in Hyderabad, you will find all equipment of video, audio, lighting and motion equipment like recorders, video cameras, SunGuns, mics, action cameras,  Strobes, Flash Lights, Drones, Monopods, Sliders, Gimbals, GoPros, LEDs, Tripods and other important equipment available for rent.

If you are looking for a DSLR Camera for rent in Hyderabad for a shorter period of time for an occasion like trips, birthday parties, weddings then our DSLR camera rental is a perfect fit for you at the best price.

On the off chance that you are having any kind of occasion at your place, at that point you should need the best recollections to get caught beautifully. So, Capture Cams (DSLR Camera Rental Company near you in Hyderabad) is giving you the chance to catch the extraordinary minutes and keep them with you until the end of time. These special moments must be crystal clear & not blurred therefore; our camera rentals provide you the DSLR on rent in Hyderabad is the best decision for it. 

There are many other DSLR companies providing camera for rent near you in Hyderabad who may do fraud with you but we are the most trustworthy organization which provides you with your all-time favorite equipment/cameras on rent. We are also considered as one of the best DSLR rentals in Hyderabad. We occupy unique strategies for renting the DSLR in Hyderabad near you which makes us better from others. 

Besides all these facilities provided by us, we also make sure that our customers are always comfortable in using any equipment they took on rent. Our main priority is always the customer’s satisfaction. It may be the possibility that any customer is using DSLR or any other equipment for the first time then they may have difficulty in operating it, but our dedicated team will help you in every aspect. You will get complete guidance about how to use the particular equipment you rented.


There is nothing to worry about the safety purpose. We are a trusted company & we believe in trusting our customers. We know that our customers will always use the equipment as their own & will enjoy using it. Our main purpose in giving DSLR for rent near you in Hyderabad is just to help those who are not able to buy their own camera due to any reason.


DSLR maybe just a high-quality camera for many but for some people it is their passion. People who are born for photography must get themselves skilled by practicing it. And for practicing, they need lots of equipment, & many of them are unable to afford it. So, this is also the reason why we started DSLR rental service. We wanted to help photographers to explore their talent by renting camera equipment from us at an affordable price. 

And with all these reasons we have become the topmost DSLR Camera rentals company in Hyderabad & giving fabulous services to numbers of customers & satisfying them with our best work.


What our clients feel about us!!


The staff was friendly and all the equipment were in great condition.

Provide necessary details too.

Highly recommended.


I was in urgent need of DSLR and they arrange me in no time. Cameras were cost-effective, will use their service again.


They help in handling the cameras and provide basic info for using DSLR. Great people, nice product affordable service.


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