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Different Techniques of Trick Photography

When you are in a company of those people whom you love the most you feel like capturing those moments as those moments are very special in your life and this can be done by doing trick photography. The best and most commonly used way of capturing and remembering these moments is by taking many pictures so that you can re-live those moments whenever you want to re-live them by just watching those pictures.

Whenever a person sees his or her pictures, they get lost in the beautiful memories of their old times. Pictures keep your memories always fresh. Whenever a person is with his friends, they surely take many pictures together. It is not compulsory that if a person is prepared for a photo session only then that person should take pictures.

A person can take pictures whenever he wants to take them and randomly taken pictures are more fun to watch then those pictures in which people are all set for their photo session.

Nowadays many different varieties of cameras and technologies are available by using which a person can take his pictures and then that person can edit his pictures with the help of different software. Trick photography is the most commonly used technique by new graduates and many ways where trick photography can help people in creating magic by sharing their lovely moments.

Many people these days, specially youth should pursue their careers in which they are interested and these days a lot of youngsters are those people who wants to get in the field of professional photography but there are few lucky ones those get success in this field as this is also a very tough job. Taking a picture is also an art and it requires skills to take a perfect picture. Trick photography helps a person in broadening his creative and artistic horizons with his camera.

Even dull pictures can seem beautiful by the help of trick photography. In trick photography, a person uses different tricks to make pictures look more beautiful and artistic.

Turning ordinary pictures into extraordinary ones is not a big deal. This can be easily done by following few simple steps and these days it has become easier to make changes in a picture by using different professional software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Picasa. A person can edit his pictures easily by using the software but first he has to learn how to use software, as they are little technical software.

More About Trick Photography

There are many techniques, which can be used to trick photography. This first and most important point, which a photographer should keep in his mind, is that trick photography depends on his perception of visualizing the space between him and other objects present, which will be used for the purpose of photography. It is also important to keep in mind the connection of objects to the area that is around them as this can help photographer in taking a better picture.

A person can take mesmerizing and interesting trick photographs by using a technique of trick photography, which is known as Perspective Distortion. By using this technique, a photographer can make an object look extremely big as compared to other things present around in this picture or an image is produced in which objects in the background look as they have very little or almost no distance. This whole trick of photography depends on the positioning of the camera on different angles while taking a picture.

One of the techniques that can be used in trick photography is that a person can click a picture, which has a miniature effect just by having tilt-shift lens in his camera, which can produce an exceptionally shallow depth. These cameras are costly but their effect is very nice. Another trick photography technique, which can be used while taking pictures is to take a picture with a strange long exposure shot and this kind of shot, is mostly taken at night.

Long exposure shot requires fast shutter speeds and it also requires having freeze action to take perfect pictures and both of these features are available in different cameras but these cameras are expensive. The image can be captured by using this technique is the length of the exposure is set perfectly with the help of camera controls and the speed of the shutter is set to a few seconds.

Photoshop is required for capturing the HDR images. HDR stands for High-Dynamic Range images. This kind of pictures use some time to get perfect but this method is the best method used in trick photography and it is also preferred by most of the professional photographers.

Hence, it is proved that trick photography is not a difficult thing at all and the only thing, which is required in the trick photography, is the perfect positioning of the objects and even the photographer while taking pictures and rest of the tricks can be applied by using different professional software.

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