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DLSR Camera and Photography

The DSLR camera is pretty essential to the landscape photographer. Of course it is entirely possible to photograph a landscape using any available camera and some great shots have been taken on the most basic equipment. However using a decent DSLR will give you an overall greater degree of flexibility you'll need. Cheaper digital cameras will take great scenic shots but DSLR's mean that you can control exposure, depth-of-field and ISO more effectively.

There are a number of different DSLR camera choices out there, but among camera enthusiasts, the choice is between two companies:



Now personally, I'm a Canon man myself, but Nikon has a lot to offer you as well -- it comes down to a personal choice. In a later article I'll break down exactly what specific camera models to look at, if you want the best camera for landscape photography. But for now, ANY DSLR by canon and Nikon should work.

One advantage of using a DSLR is the possibility of adding an AF Confirm adapter to the camera enabling you to purchase a large number of old Pentax M42 fit lenses. These can be picked up at garage sales or online and represent great value if you are on a strict budget or simply fancy experimenting.

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