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Female Photography Tips

The Female Photography Guide aims to give you some useful tips and advice on how to get the best amateur photographs that look professional without hiring a professional photographer and all the expense involved.

The Female Photography Guide covers many photography topics including lighting, make up, hair and location. We have tried to provide information that is easy to understand, without making it lengthy and boring. We’ll add further information and illustrations soon to give you a better understanding of the processes described.

So have fun taking some wonderful photos


Choose nice, comfortable, clean and colourful clothes.

Something that makes you feel good, open your blouse a little or wear a low cut top if it gives that all sexy look, if that’s what you are looking for? If you want good leg shots use shoes with heels as they give the legs a better shape.

If you want full length, standing shots lean against something. Try to pose like a model but remain comfortable and relaxed. If you don’t feel relaxed, and comfortable with your pose, then don’t do it.

You can use hats and other accessories if you want to, but think about it before you. Look at magazines to see how models pose, the accessories they use, and current trends. You might feel silly trying it yourself at first but I’m sure once you’re posing you’ll become more comfortable and most importantly, enjoy it.


Selecting a location for your female photography can make for an interesting challenge and you need to think carefully about this, making such decisions as whether you want pictures taken indoors or outdoors.

An Indoor Location

To get the best professional looking photographs you’ll need a plain background with good ambient lighting, that’s natural light from windows, etc if you haven’t got studio lighting.

If you want shots from the waist up, sit on a stool that way you get better posture and don’t sit facing straight into the camera, put one shoulder towards the camera and turn your head slightly to look at the camera lens. Lift your head up to lift your chin, so that you don’t get the double chin look, try to stay relaxed otherwise you look frightened or even miserable and make sure you are comfortable.

If you can only use a sofa lie across it, take pictures from different angles, and don’t be frightened to experiment. Importantly, use flash with the camera.

An Outdoor Location

Find a location that has a good backdrop, for example ruins, pretty flower beds, old buildings, rocks at the edge of a stream or river, any where interesting.