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Other "Landscape" Camera Accessories

Camera Remote

Because of the slightly longer exposures required when you take landscape shots (especially when there is less light or you are doing night photography), it is often a good idea to invest in a camera remote. These range in price but a simple remote, simply to avoid camera movement can be purchased for as little as $5 and is definitely a worthwhile investment. You'll need to find the remote that's compatible with your camera, however.

As a habit, I use Camera Remotes when doing travel landscape photography. You see, every time you touch your camera, you introduce micro vibrations. These do affect (however smally), the quality of the image. By using a camera remote, you don't introduce vibrations to your camera. Another alternative is to just use your DLSR's timed shot feature

Camera Backpacks/Bags

Of course landscapes can demand a fair amount of hiking to decent vantage points so a good, well padded rucksack for the camera gear is a must. I have used a Lowe-pro Fastpack 250 for the last year or so which is comfortable to wear and gives fast access to the camera if I need it out in a hurry. More expensive, waterproof bags and rucksacks are great but I always keep a plastic, disposable, hooded poncho in the Fastpack which I can throw over myself AND the bag in the event of a freak shower.

Again, you could write a book on picking out the best camera backpack bag. In reality, you'll probably never be satisfied with one backpack and end up with a bunch of different camera backpacks to use for different occasions. I'll have a big post recommending the best landscape photography backpacks soon enough.

The great thing about photographing landscapes is simply getting outdoors with very little equipment. No, flash guns, no lighting, no big heavy lenses. So whether or not you choose to use a top notch DSLR or a simple point and shoot then keep it light and enjoy it.

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