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Photography Ideas – Features of Photography

Some of us want to have shots of some detailed features or need to focus on a particular part of a picture. Now this is pretty easier in the professional cameras because they are equipped with a huge lens, which is used to focus images, but for the semi-professionals or non-professional cameras, you need to be a little tricky and tactful.

The tact you need to follow is to get a grip on the ‘metering mode’ on your camera. The metering mode of the camera helps us to focus on a particular spot with different options such as spot, center-weighted average, or multi-zone. The icon, which is appearing on the middle of the camera LCD, decides where to get your camera’s focus on.

If you keep the spot icon on the upper middle part of the subject with a background, in contrast you would see that the camera would focus on the details of that object. if you want the background as your object then you have to set the spot icon on to the background slightly more than you put that one the former subject.

The portion on which the spot is not having a larger space you would appear slightly blurred. Important features, which we are not aware is the “Macro mode” which is the flower button seen on most of the digital cameras. This very mode helps us to easily get an image of something in detail with a close-up.

For example , if someone needs to have a picture of a picture in hard copy or some important piece of paper he just needs to press that flower button or putting the macro mode on in the camera. The result will be a clear detailed image on the subject with an ability to be further zoomed in with no pixilation.

Photography Ideas – More Facts

Do practice every mode of the camera you have because experience makes you have better knowledge.

In conclusion, the more the brains, the more ideas there are, whether you capture a scenario or a living specie, the main purpose of photography is to make the picture look beautiful. Taking the picture is the first step but making that picture look real is indeed the trickiest part of photography.

We may have a thousand brilliant ideas for taking a photograph, but only one wrong angle can ruin the whole image, nevertheless a picture to look creative, the photographer must not only be creative but he must be passionate about his work. The whole purpose of writing this article is to inculcate in you the art of photography and to promote creativeness and thoughtfulness while taking a photograph because one simple idea can change a whole perspective!

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