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What is a Panorama?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Panorama photography is a method of increasing the field of view over and above the capabilities of a wide angle lens and, therefore, increasing the aspect ratio of the finished product.

The purpose of the panorama is to better express the sense of space and the expansiveness in any given scene we wish to photograph. A panorama more closely represents how we view the world and communicates the physical world with detail and authenticity.

Panoramas Made Simple: The Basics of Taking a Panoramic Photo

Ok, we are going to go into a lot of detail about taking the perfect panorama, but here's all you need to know about how to take a perfect panorama photo.

Keep the Camera Level

This is essential to taking a good panorama. Keeping the camera level ensures the vertical and horizontal alignment of all objects is maintained. If you use a tripod ballhead (and most tripod users do!) that means you will need to level in two SEPERATE places: the tripod clamp and the tripod legs. Leveling the tripod legs ensure your ballhead panning base is completely level as you pan the camera for the different panorama shots. Levelling the tripod clamp endures the camera itself stays parallel to the panning axis (of your tripod panning base) as you pan.

Simply slapping on a spirit level on top of your camera and levelling it WILL only ensure the camera / tripod clamp is level to the tripod panning base. You will also need to level the tripod legs.

The easy solution to avoid having to level both the tripod clamp and tripod legs is to use the Really Right Stuff PCL-1 Panning clamp. You simply adjust for level using the build in panning-clamp level, and your entire setup is level.

Eliminate Parallax

Parallax can ruin your panorama image. This has to do with the positioning of your optical center of the lends over the point of rotation. You can eliminate Parallax with a nodal slide.

Parallax is big issue when it comes to Panorama photography. It’s essential that you find the No-Parallax Point to eliminate or reduce Parallax.