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  • Q1. How can I hire any camera or equipment? What is the procedure?
    Ans. Please look into the products page for the item you need. Check out our rental procedure here.
  • Q2. What are the terms and conditions from Capture Cams?
    Ans. Visit our terms and conditions page
  • Q3. What are the documents accepted?
    Ans. We accept 3 Original documents, one each from 3 categories. And we have given multiple options for each category. Click here to check
  • Q4. Why 3 documents are required?
    Ans. The reason we require 3 documents because 1. Two of them are for Address proofs for local and permanent residence. It is because most of the people in Hyderabad are non-local residents and live here for studies & job purpose. So we take their Local & permanent address proofs. 2. Also the 3rd proof is for our security. It is because when we are providing a camera or equipment which is expensive, we take something as security from you.
  • Q5. Do we need to submit the documents there?
    Ans. Yes you have to submit the 3 mentioned ORIGINAL Documents here. We will give them back to you when you return the product. Note: Duplicates are not accepted.
  • Q6. How is the rental timing calculated?
    Ans. The rental timings are calculated differently for crop-sensor & full frame cameras, equipments respectively. Click here to check
  • Q7.  Why full frame cameras have two different rental timings calculations?
    Ans. Full frame cameras timings are divided into two categories: Seasonal & Off-Seasonal. It is because of the seasons and demand of the cameras. And subjected to Hyderabad market prices.
  • Q8.  Do you have delivery and pickup facility?
    Ans. No, we don’t have delivery and pickup facility.
  • Q9.  How can I reserve (pre-book) any item?
    Ans. Kindly check out step-2 from our rental procedure
  • Q10. Can you reserve any item for me without pre-booking?
    Ans. No, We cannot reserve any item without pre-booking. We can reserve it only if the customer pays advance amount for pre-booking. Note: A customer can still collect any product without pre-booking only if the product is available at that moment, where our team prefers first come first serve process.
  • Q11. Can you refund my advance amount If I cancel the pre-booking?
    Ans. No, we cannot refund the advance amount if you cancel any pre-booking. It is because we will block the product for you and if other clients wants to book the same product, then we don’t take booking from them, as it is already reserved for you. In that case if you cancel the booking, we will be in loss. So NO REFUND & NO RESCHEDULING.
  • Q12. Can you re-schedule my booking to other date in future if I cancel my present pre-booking?
    Ans. No, we usually cannot re-schedule the present order to future dates if we have any bookings for those dates. But we can do it when we don’t have any pre-bookings for future and also only if you inform us that atleast 3-4 days prior.
  • Q13. Can I get a refund If I return the product earlier to the return date & time?
    Ans. No, We cannot make any refund in any case. Because the product is reserved for you for your whole rental period and it will disturb our other bookings which are scheduled and also it is a loss.
  • Q14. Can I extend any product If I am not able to return on time?
    Ans. 1. Yes, if we do not have anyone else in the queue. 2. No, if we have someone waiting for the item already. NOTE: 1. Extension is possible only after our approval. 2. Maximum of 1-2 days allowed for extension. 3. Double rental charges will be applied per each day they extend for those who do it without notifying us. 4. Customer needs to inform us atleast 1-2 days prior.
  • Q15. What If I return the product late after the return time?
    Ans. If you return any product after the return time, there will no late charges but it is considered as next day only (even if you don’t use it for whole day) and you have to pay another day rental charges respectively of that product. But in some cases we can excuse that only if it is 1-2hrs late with notifying us your situation and if we don’t have any bookings. (everytime is not excused)
  • Q16. Is there any half day or hourly rental calculations?
    Ans. No, we don’t offer any half day or hourly rental calculations. We provide on a day basis and sometimes on visit basis. CHECK OUR RENTAL TIMINGS HERE
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