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Rental Procedure

Now hire any camera or equipment in 3 simple steps

Step 1 

Rental Requirement

  1. Send us your rental requirement (what you want to hire) along with dates in WhatsApp.

  2. Our team will check & let you know the availability for those dates.

Step 2

Product Pre-Booking (For both new & old customers)

  1. If the product is available, then try to pre-book so that we can block it for you.

  2. For pre-booking, customer needs to pay minimum 50% in advance. And remaining 50% rental charges should be cleared while collecting time only.  (GPay/Phonepe - 8328307830. For account details, please ask our team if require)

  3. A product can be blocked only after advance payment. NO ADVANCE - NO BOOKING

  4. Once the product is booked after advance payment, kindly share your ID Proofs photos and your
    details asked by our team, to verify & block the product on those details.


  1. A customer can still collect any product without pre-booking only if the product is available at that moment, where our team prefers first come first serve process.

  2. Once after paying advance amount for pre-booking, it is not refundable and date cannot be changed. It is because we will block the product for you and if other clients wants to book the same product, then we don’t take booking from them, as it is already blocked for you. In that case if you cancel the booking, we will be in loss. So NO REFUND & NO RESCHEDULING.

Step 3

Collect the product

  1. Submit your original ID Proofs. CLICK HERE to know

  2. Customer needs to check the terms & conditions of the company. 

  3. Check the whole product thoroughly along with accessories like battery, charger, SD Cards, Cables, etc.

  4. Pay the rental charges and collect your product. Enjoy happy moments capturing.

  5. New customers are requested to visit at least 1 hour prior to complete the verification process which takes some time. If not you will be losing your time. Also you might be in queue, if there are customers waiting before you.


  1. Without Original ID proofs, camera/equipment cannot be given.

  2. New Customer needs to co-operate with patience while registration.

Documents required to submit

Customer must provide 3 ORIGINAL ID Proofs each from below each category

1. Permanent Address Proof : AADHAR

2. Local Address Proof : (any one)

  • Electricity Bill / Gas bill - latest month (or)

  • Rental Agreement - Within Validity (or)

  • Voter ID - (If local) (or)

  • Hostel/PG Receipt (latest month) (or)

  • Permanent Employee ID card with validity date

3. Security Proof : (any one)

  • Vehicle RC (or)

  • Passport (or)

  • Driving License


  1. Only original ID proofs are accepted. Duplicates, Soft copies, digital copies, Xerox & laminated copies are not accepted.

  2. Customer registration will be done on the name of ID Proofs person only. And that person can only collect the product.




Office Timings : Open 24/7
(will be closed early only in some cases)


For Crop-Sensor Cameras :

Collecting Time
Return Time
Slot 1: Anytime between 09am to 04pm on Day 1
Slot 1: Before 10am on Day 2


Slot 2: Anytime between 04pm to 09pm on Day 1
Slot 2: Before same time on Day 2 (within 24hrs)

For Full-frame Professional Cameras, Lenses & Equipments :

Note : These timings will be changing according to season


Collecting Time
Return Time
Slot 1: Anytime after 5am on Day 1
Slot 1: Before 10pm on Day 1