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Wedding Photographers near me in Hyderabad

Photographers Near Me

Photography Services Near Me in Hyderabad

Best Photography Services Near Me in Hyderabad

DSLR Photographer Near Me in Hyderabad
Wedding Photography Services Near Me in Hyderabad

About Our Photography Team

We Capture Cams also do all kind of Professional Photography & Videography Services in Hyderabad as well as across all the cities in India. We have a team of well knowledged& trained Professional Photographers, Videographers and also all kind of Photography Assistants like Lightman, Sound Engineer, Audio Recordist, Gimbal operator and assistants, many others who do all kind of Photography and Videography works. Our Photography & Videography Services are categorized into Regular, Candid, Traditional, Cinematic and all kinds.

Types of Photoshoots

We do all kind of Photoshoots & events like Weddings, Pre & Post Weddings, Couple Shoots, Maternity, Baby Shoots, Birthday Shoots, and all household photoshoots, Parties, Fashion, Portfolios and many more.

We also do Corporate and Commercial Photography & Videography services like Conference shoots, Testimonials, Interviews, many more.

Our Packages

Wedding photographers in Hyderabad

Wedding photographers in Hyderabad

"Wedding photographers in Hyderabad" "Wedding photographers in Hyderabad" "Wedding photographers in Hyderabad" "Wedding photographers in Hyderabad"

"Wedding photographers in Hyderabad"

1. Basic Photoshoot from Rs.2500/visit

2. Portfolio/Fashion (Indoor) from Rs.8000/visit

3. Portfolio/Fashion (Outdoor) from Rs.7000/visit

4. Pre-Wedding/Post-Wedding/Couple Shoots from Rs.10000/visit

5. Wedding Packages from Rs.50000/-

6. Birthdays/HouseHold Ceremonies (Photo & Video) from Rs.15000/visit

7. Maternity (Outdoor) from Rs.7000/Visit

8. Baby Shoot (Indoor) from Rs.10000/visit

9. Corporate/Commercial Videography from Rs.5000/visit

10. Commercial Events packages from Rs.20000/-

About Our History

We have started these services since 2016. All our Photographers, Videographers & assistants are experienced of 2 years to 8 years. Everyone of them are trained very well in this field. Everyone have good knowledge in how to use and handle any equipment. We have a team of specialized people to do photography services. Wedding Photography is one of the main highlight of us. We have done almost 200+ weddings all over India. We have done Product shoots for Ikea Hyderabad, Maruti Suzuki, Eurokids, Many more. Customer Satisfaction is our main motto.

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