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Here “Company, We, Us” refers to Capture Cams or the Owner, Directors & Team Management of Capture Cams. And “Borrower, Customer” refers to the customer. And “Goods, Equipment’s, Products” refers to the products which are owned by the company.

  • Scrutiny and usage of personal information:

    1. Item will be given on rent only after scrutiny (study & verification) of borrower. Borrower will be asked to provide identification details & asked to submit the Original documents for security purpose.

    2. It will be the company’s decision to provide the cameras or equipment to the borrower which depends on verification. In few cases, company may not give the equipment when they don’t believe that the particular borrower is honest with them.

  • Documents submitting:

  1. Customer need to submit the original documents for the company’s security purpose only. And documents will be returned to the customer, once after the customer returns the equipment to the company without any damage/loss/issue and after clearing due amount.

  2. Without documents, company cannot provide the equipment on rent to the customer.

  3. Information in the documents will not be shared with anyone. Privacy will be guaranteed.

  4. Company never misuses the customer’s documents and details in any case. Except for filing a complaint to our association and local police station, until and unless if any fraud is done by the customer.



  • Life ban for misuse: Submission of incorrect personal information, a personal history of abusing our system, incorrect usage of our equipment, etc could lead to a life-ban from any and all of the services provided by CAPTURE CAMS.


  • Checking equipment’s:

  1. Customer needs to thoroughly check each and every equipment, accessories, bags, etc while they collect from the company. Later no excuses will be accepted if there is any issue with the equipment on working condition or equipment missing, once after collecting from the company.

  2. Please ask the company if you need anything more from the equipment. It is the customer’s responsibility to ask whatever the equipment they need, company is not responsible if anything is not given which is not asked by the customer.


  • Borrower's responsibility:

  1. It will be Customer’s full responsibility to return items in same condition. Damage or loss of equipment during the rental period is entirely the borrower's responsibility once the equipment is collected. Please check the equipment properly when you receive it.

  2. Goods/Equipment lying in your premises, shooting location, out station or any other place shall be at your risk & responsibility right after leaving our office premises. 


  • Equipment loss: 

  1. In the event of loss of equipment, customer agrees to pay the full replacement cost of the equipment to CAPTURE CAMS.


  • Equipment damage:

  1. Once after hiring the equipment, If there is any event of damage to equipment, customer agrees to pay total repair costs as incurred at a service center as per the bill charged by them.

  2. Customer needs to pay the repair charges within 24 hours of the estimated bill amount given by the service center.

  3. Customer needs to pay each day rental charges of the damaged equipment which is given to repair until the equipment is returned after repairing is done. Regular rental charges mentioned in the website will be charged for that.

  4. Water, sand, fire induced damages and those arising out of negligence on the part of the customer are ALWAYS borne by customer.

  5. If the item is damaged beyond repair, the item will have to be replaced. Alternatively, a replacement value (present market sale price) as assessed by the company will be charged.

  6. We shall not be liable for any claim for any damages to any of your material being used in conjunction with our equipment.


  • Missing or damaged accessories: If any accessory that was provided with the equipment is missing or damaged, the accessory has to be replaced (new only) by the customer. Else we will charge you the price of a new accessory plus a 10% of cost as fine. If the accessory is not available, it is the discretion of CAPTURE CAMS to levy an appropriate fine.


  • Loss due to failure of equipment: In spite of our best efforts to maintain equipment in excellent condition, it is entirely possible that the rented equipment could fail. In such situations, we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss you may incur.


  • Usage: All items listed here are for normal use only. Usage under extreme conditions is prohibited!


  • Payment:

  1. Customer needs to pay the total rental charges of the hired equipment while collecting time only.

  2. In few cases customer is allowed to pay partial amount of rental charges while collecting, and remaining amount while returning the equipment. But this will be decided by the company only. Also, in such cases, minimum 70% to be cleared at first and rest 30% to be cleared while return of the equipment’s.

  3. Maintaining pending balance of total rental charges while collecting the equipment’s is not accepted by the company.

  4. Delayed payments will be charged at the interest rate of 10% extra per month from the date of collecting the equipment’s.



  • Co-operating to staff:

  1. Please co-operate to our staff while collecting the equipment. Staff is not responsible for anything which is assumed by customer himself/herself.

  2. To avoid mis understandings and to maintain good customer relationship, please ask everything you wants to know while collecting the equipment only. Or check terms and conditions of the company. Company is not responsible for something which customer didn’t notice or didn’t know.

  3. Company is not responsible to tell each and everything to the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to check and know terms and conditions of the company.



  • Advance booking of the Equipment’s:

  1. If customer wants to book any equipment’s for any required date, then they need to check the availability by contacting us. 

  2. If the equipment is available for the preferred date, then customer need to pay advance payment of minimum 50% of the rental charges to the company, to pre-book the equipment. And balance 50% amount of the rental charges need to be paid while collecting the equipment only, but not while the return of the equipment.

  3. Booking will be confirmed only if the customer makes the advance payment. And equipment will be reserved, only after receiving advance payment.

  4. For the customers, who didn’t pay advance payment and wants to reserve the equipment for their preferred date, it will be not considered as pre-booking. Company will not reserve the equipment in such cases.

  5. When there are no bookings, then first coming client will be preferred by the company. Customer need to understand that many people will contact us for same equipment.

  6. Pre-Booked equipment must collect within 3 hours of the reserved date and time, if not company may take other bookings and not responsible for the previous booking.

  7. Rental period for pre-booked equipment will start from the reserved date and time, but not from the time of collecting the equipment.

  8. In few cases, if any customer booked some equipment for some date and the previous customer who took the same equipment didn’t return on time, then company will try to arrange the equipment as soon as possible, so the new customer needs to understand the situation and wait for some time. In such cases, new customer may get extra time to return the equipment which will be calculated by the company.

  9. If the previous customer fails to return the equipment or extend it without, then company will refund the advance amount to the new customer who booked the same equipment and also company is not responsible for such cases. This will be happened only in extreme situations. We can never expect what happens at what time even after taking all the precautions and confirmations.



  • Refund, Re-Scheduling & Cancellation:

  1. If a customer takes the equipment’s for multiple days and returns before the return period of the hired equipment, then refund will not be given to the customer by the company for those remaining days.

  2. If a customer cancels a booking from their side, then company is not responsible for that and no refund will be given for the cancellation.

  3. Once a booking is confirmed, customer is not allowed to the re-schedule the booking date as it effects other bookings.


  • Extension:

  1. A customer is allowed to extend the rental period of the equipment for only 1 day maximum.

  2. Customer need to inform the company about his extension of rental period at least before 6-8 hours of return time. And can extend only after company confirms the availability of the equipment.

  3. If a customer extends the rental period without informing the company or if the company doesn’t agree for the extension, then the customer should pay the twice the charges of each day for the particular hired equipment. And also need to return within a day.

  4. In few cases, if the company have a booking for the same equipment and previous customer want to extend the rental period, then company shall not agree for the extension and previous customer need to the return it on time without fail.


  • Rental Charges & Taxes:

  1. Rental charges which are mentioned in the website are most commonly charged prices of the equipment’s. But these charges may change according to the busy days & season due to demand of the equipment’s.

  2. Rental charges for each product will be calculated according to its rental period count. For timings please visit “How-to-rent” page in the website. Timings of each range of products will be different.

  3. Charges for all the products and services mentioned in the website are not inclusive of taxes. 18% GST will be additional on total amount.


  • Timings & Late returns:

  1. Rental period's count for each equipment will be different and calculated on as per day or per visit basis.

  2. Rental period's count will be changed according to off season & busy days, wedding season. No fixed timings for whole year.

  3. Please ask company about the rental period of the hired equipment for that particular date every time you hire.

  4. If the customer fails to return the equipment on time before return time, then next day rental charges will be added. In such cases customer needs to pay the total per day/visit amount of that particular product. There is NO hourly or half day counts to be charged.

  5. If the customer hires the equipment for 1 hour or for whole 1 day/visit, it will be charged as per day only and total day rental charges need to be paid by the customer. This is because our timings are calculated as “Per day or Per Visit” basis but not hourly basis.



  • Loss, theft, fraud/unauthorised work:

  1. Company has rights to follow up the customer through calls and messages. And customer need to respond for that.

  2. If any equipment is not received back even after 24 hours of rental period's return time and customer is not reachable and /or if we figure out that any of the details are fudged, we will be forced to initiate recovery proceedings including handing over the case to our legal & recovery advisors. A FIR will be filed and case will be handed over to cyber-crime. Also, services of a private investigator will be used to track down the customer and the equipment in resale markets / forums using serial number.

  3. Also a complaint with customer's photo, details and documents along with equipment's details will be given in our camera rental and photography associations.

  4. Loss of item along with details of the customer and his photo with us will be published on our site, Facebook page, Twitter, other networks and media including newspapers if we deem that necessary.

  5. If any customer willingly exchanges our company owned products with their product and try to cheat us or found guilt, then company can file a case against that customer.



  • Data Responsibility:

  1. Company is not responsible for your footage. Customer need to copy the data before returning the equipment.

  2. We shall not be liable for Loss of footage from the recording media or any other reason whatsoever.

  3. Cards cannot be given back separately to copy the footage.

  4. Cards corrupted while shooting or copying the data while connected to your PC Systems, company is not responsible if the the footage is lost in such cases.

  5. Company doesn't allow customers to recover the lost data from cards as it destroys the durability and life of the cards. In such cases, customers shall purchase us a new card of same specifications and later can proceed the data recovery from old card.


  • Ownership:

  1. Ownership of this company belongs and registered to "CAPTURE CAMS PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD"

  2. Ownership of all the data in website, our company's name and logo belongs to "CAPTURE CAMS PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD" only. And all the rights, trademarks are reserved and registered genuinely from Govt of India.

  3. Ownership of all the product names, logos and brands are property of their respective owners. All company products and service names are used for identification purpose only. Use of these names, logos and brands does not imply any endorsement.

  4. Ownership of all the equipment’s all the times remains with CAPTURE CAMS.

  5. A case will be registered against any person those who misuses or copies or indicates it as they own, the name "CAPTURE CAMS", "CAPTURE CAMS PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD", Our logo and data from our website.

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